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Body Balance Workshop

Energy is all there is. This includes YOU!

Your body consists of a latticework of energies that you can learn to interact with & influence so you can experience:

Enhanced health

Increased vitality

Less stress

Improved immunity

More balance in life

Anyone can turn on their self healer within to help counter the stress of modern day living which can scramble your energies so you don’t function optimally

You feel tired, can’t think or have a short fuse

You rely on caffeine or carbs to keep going

You can’t relax or sleep at night

Perhaps you are struggling with a symptom that just won’t go away…

This hands-on workshop is for you if you want to discover simple, powerful tools to use for the rest of your life

Have fun interacting with your body’s subtle energy systems to influence your own healing

Mobilise your life force

Unscramble & shift energy blocks

Combat stresses & relax more

Boost lymph & oxygen flow

Increase your health and vitality

I invite you to come along to learn about your own energy fields & to share with you the oldest, most organic & accessible healing system we have

Onda Vital Holistic Centre, Palma

Thurs May 30th at 7- 9.30 pm

Investment: 35€

Contact Barbara – Tel: 600 544 204 ·

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