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LIMITED SPACE.  RESIDENTIAL RETREAT: 31 October- 4 November 2012  in Spanish and English by Zulma Reyo

“MORE THAN SEX” is about vitality PLUS.

It has to do with the sense of joy that comes from joining inner and outer fulfilment, and that depends entirely on us as a woman, on the intimate relationship we hold with ourselves, our body, our feelings, our mind.

In this exclusive retreat we discover energetically and experientially what makes us tick, the way we are built – the whys and hows of womanhood, through the perspective of woman herself and the peculiar way we experience the world.

There is something for every woman and every aspect of our self, crowned with rituals that enhance our ancient roots and challenge the programming imposed during millennia.

This work is exclusively ours –nourishing, healing and revealing.  Feminine.

Retreat Information

The purpose of this work is to safely and lovingly lift you into the realm of the multidimensional and bring you back inspired with a new and unique vision relevant to you, your purpose, and your individuality.  It offers a personal, intimate and also universal connection with your Self.  Through my processes you will discover directly just how the feminine energetic anatomy works  in you — our physical structure with its resonances, our emotional nature with its wide affinities, our mind as simultaneous and multi-leveled perception.

My work comprises a tremendous variety of techniques and involves an always varied, if not entertaining production.  Among the rituals we include the “Eve Experience” as well as the “Isis-Binah Connection”, and the “Magdalene Wound” as part of your own unique history.  These archetypical expressions call for understanding and closure in each of us.

In this significant year of 2012, at the end of this retreat you will stand face-to-face with what I call “the vertical window” that leads to our tomorrow.

I will share with women for the first time the full version of a technique that I have been guarding for millennia, shared only in part in advanced trainings. This is the cellular recalibration practice of reconnection with multiple frequencies to access the dimensional blanket that paves the way for the beginning of a new time.

This retreat is an invitation to new perception and living for women who invariably, silently or otherwise, lead the way into the future.

Member profile – Zulma Reyo

Samantha Hemsley is renowned for capturing the beauty of women in her photography through her many magazine covers and articles, bespoke vogue days and the Celebration of Women Calendar 2012, produced to support cancer charities in Mallorca at the end of last year. But in February of this year, she decided to explore a different beauty.

Having lived in a number of different countries all her life, Samantha has developed an acute curiosity of other cultures, and a holiday in Goa in February, with its intensity and vibrancy of spirit, inspired her to capture the richness and diversity of the people of Goa and Gokarna as they went about their daily life.

The result is a stunning collection of photographs that allow us to immerse ourselves in the colourful hues and intrigue of another world, and to see through the lens, Samantha´s own unique creativity, vision and appreciation of the beauty of a culture so different to our own.

Opening night:  Saturday 30th June @ 19-00 – 21.00 with snacks by Bindian and L´Escargot & wine from World of Wine. See photos of opening night by

Exhibition runs until Sat 11th August Viewing when restaurant is open: Tuesday – Saturday evenings from 18.00 till late and Sundays 12.00 – 16.00

L’Escargot, Carrer Major 48, 07142 Santa Eugenia (MAP) +34 634 367 217

For more information call Samantha: +34 678 42 47 76

Puertas Abiertas or Open Studios is a creative twist on viewing visual art conceived by North American painter Laurie Pearsall who, along with 4 other artists residing in Mallorca, offers a multi-disciplinary vision, intimately situated in the warmth of her home. More than just an opportunity to see a variety of talents, Puertas Abiertas is also a journey through unique approaches to the production, communication, and display of artistic works.

One can expect to see various approaches to painting, mixed media, sculpture and ceramic arts in the installations.

Elena Gatti, Nanci Fernadez, Patricia Riveras, Mari Koenig and Laurie herself play the roles of hostesses and guests, and will open the doors to the public on the 19, 20 and 21 of May.

Venue: Plaza Cardenal Reig 4 – 1B, Palma.

Opening times: Saturday 19th May (10-2PM and 5-9PM), Sunday 20th May (5-8PM), Monday 21st May (10-2PM)

Entrance FREE

Contact Mari Koenig  648 798 322  ·

To be held at  Sa Taronja, Andratx on Wednesday, May 9th 2012  at  10:00 – 12:30 (2 ½ hours). Registration required – See below.

Tai Chi of the 5 Elements

This one-time workshop is the ideal opportunity to become familiar with the beauty and health benefits of Tai Chi.

Through the slow, flowing movements of the Wu Sing form, we will call upon the strength of the five elements – earth, air/wood, fire, water and metal to help harmonize and maintain the life energy or Chi of the body.

Used as a form of preventive medicine to help the mind as well as the body, practicing on a regular basis can increase energy, release tension, strengthen the immune system, improve balance and help your mind’s abilitiy to concentrate and think more clearly.

Tai Chi is good for any one at any age !

This workshop will be offered in English by Linda Wenzek-Barth, a German-American Naturopath who spent 2 1/2 years living and working in Beijing, China in the late ’80s.

Investment:  € 25  (proceeds will go to the Cultural Association of Sa Taronja)

To register, contact Linda with your name and phone number at:  Tel. +34 971 – 13 73 83 or e-mail

Attention all women!

Beat Stress Before it Beats You Workshop ·  Thursday 26th April. 10 – 1pm · Bodhana Centre Portals

  • Tired of waking up feeling drained or lethargic?
  • Always ‘on the go’ & never relax?
  • Stay up late then don’t sleep well when you go to bed?
  • Stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Need alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax?
  • Digestive disturbances or allergies?
  • Hormonal imbalances?

Are you nodding yes, yes & yes?

If you said yes to two or more of the above then stress is affecting you & you will definitely benefit from this workshop.

Stress affects us all at some point in our lives. For many it never lets up. Juggling work and family life, having to meet deadlines, financial difficulties, relationship problems, missed appointments or family disputes all take their toll.

We all know stress is a killer but did you know that your symptoms- your low immunity, asthma, skin problems, digestive upsets, hot flushes, allergies, thyroid imbalances, infertility, pain, weight gain etc. often have a common root in chronic adrenal stress? Did you also know that once your adrenals are back in balance your symptoms will usually disappear?

In this workshop I’m really excited to be revealing the fantastic new system that I have created to help you counter the stress of modern life.

Come along and get a taster of this system that my clients are raving about.

Find out:

  • If stress is at the root of your symptoms
  • How it affects your energy system & how to re balance it
  • Super easy & effective stress release techniques
  • How to heal your adrenal glands
  • Easy relaxation techniques based on energy medicine
  • The best way to nourish your body to counter stress

Discover some powerfully effective techniques to change the way you react to stress once and for all. Are you ready?….

  • To start taking control & start responding neutrally to stress?
  • To discover how you can release your symptoms?
  • To learn simple & effective stress-release techniques you can use anytime?

If you answered yes then reserve your place now!

For a limited time you can take advantage of the special early bird price of 70€, but hurry, this offer runs out on 6th April!

Regular price 100€

For more information contact Barbara:  +34 600 544 204 ·


Five simple, yoga-like exercises have succeeded in fascinating millions of people throughout the world with their rejuvenating effect.

During this 2 ½ hour workshop you will learn about the history, recent theories on why the Rites are so effective, and how to do them on your own at home.

This workshop will be offered in English by Linda Wenzek-Barth, a German-American Naturopath who visited Tibet while living and working in Beijing,China in the late ‘80’s.

  • Where:  Sa Taronja Cultural Centre, Andratx (directions will be sent upon registration)
  • When:   March 21st, 2012  (10:00-12:30)
  • Investment:  € 25 (all proceeds for this workshop will go to help support the Cultural Association “Sa Taronja”)

Registration:  call Linda on +34 971 – 13 73 83 or e-mail

(Please bring a bottle of water, a mat, and wear comfortable clothing.)

The Five Tibetan Rites

These five simple, yoga-like exercises made famous by Peter Kelder’s book “The Eye of Revelation” first published in 1939, and reissued as “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” in 1947, have succeeded in fascinating millions of people throughout the world with their rejuvenating effect. Credited for everything from increased energy to a better memory, weight loss and just looking and feeling younger,  they are simple to learn and require very little effort, other than the willpower to do them.

Even if you practice no other sports, the Five Tibetan Rites offer a very complete exercise program, for in contrast to most western sports,  the Rites address every system of the body – the endocrine system, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, the musculatory system, every organ, as well as the body’s energy centers, the chakras are influenced in a positive way.


Venue:  Mood Beach, Portals Registration: 09.30 –  Workshop: 10.00 – 17.00

We may have a lot of ideas in our head, but sometimes communicating them can be a real problem:

What stops us performing at our best?

What causes us to freeze up when we would best be served by being dynamic?

The answer is that we each carry an idea of who we are in our head that traps us. We adopt a social mask that inhibits our creativity. We love to pigeon hole ourselves as responsible adults, serious people, the ‘firm but fair’ boss, the office wag, – in short, we are all playing at being grown ups. But no one has a clue what this really means!  I would like to suggest that instead of playing at being an Adult, we turn off our social editors and allow ourselves to play at being Fools. What do comedians do that makes them look so damned attractive to the members of the public? How can you emulate that? The course is designed to help confidence building, creativity and communication skills. Find out how easy it is to ‘play’ at being confident. And discover how your internal editor can hinder the creative process. We will be exploring the rudiments of comedy through games and writing, culminating in a series of readings and recitals.


The day will cover three basic areas:

Who are you?

  • We will play a number of games designed to unlock the creative communicator that lies within each of us, but which is usually buried under a weight of mundane trivia.
  • We will examine Status Dynamics in groups to learn how to avoid becoming trapped in a role that makes us less productive (and less fulfilled!).
  • We will learn to play with Attitude, to find the humour in any situation.
  • We will learn to look and listen in greater detail to the way people say things.

Learning to Stand Up

  • We will learn to match thought with deed, so that we can communicate exactly the message we are trying to convey. It’s no good trying to be bold if you’re taking an involuntary step backwards!
  • Learn to play the moment rather than being embedded in the past.
  • Find out how the person everyone believes you to be prevents you from being the person you really are. Eliminate the deadwood!
  • Learn to communicate with clarity, conviction and humour.

Putting on a Show

  • Applying everything we’ve learnt to improve our performance.
  • Writing (and performing) some material that will prove how funny you really are.
  • Learn how easy it is to make people laugh with your own written material: never again will you have to say in a speech “I am reminded of the story…”!
  • Learn the structure of Jokes.

Logan Murray is a working stand up, writer, award nominated director and comic actor who has been making a living as a comedian since 1984. He has taught people from as far West as Colorado and as far East as the Philippines. He has a master’s degree in Stand Up Comedy and is the author of the highly acclaimed, best selling Teach Yourself book “Be a Great Stand Up”. Find out more at Logan Murray´s website

Price including lunch 95€ 10% discount for LACE members Limited places BOOK NOW!!

Contact Glynis German: +34 628 829 164/666 987 430  ·

There is also a Comedy Workshop on 16, 17 & 18 March – ask Glynis for more details.

I’ve have been hearing from a lot of women who are having an especially difficult time reaching a healthy weight and staying there. After hearing about so many of their struggles, I have decided to run another of my popular Ditch the Diet workshops.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a while and it isn’t happening, then I’d like to help you create a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.

This is no ordinary workshop as it is NOT about restricting foods, fad diets or crazy exercise regimes. It is about ALL THE OTHER REASONS why you find it so difficult to lose weight and stay there. This workshop will not only help you transform your body but will transform your life.

Are you fed up with:

  • Bingeing or breaking your diet when you’re sad, lonely, bored, stressed etc?
  • Being determined to lose weight, but something always stops you succeeding?
  • Feeling deprived when you diet?
  • Craving the very foods you’re trying to avoid?
  • Gaining the weight back every time you’ve lost it?
  • Being seduced by diet programs that promise miraculous results only to leave you feeling misled, frustrated and disappointed?

Do you want a long-term weight loss solution AND to keep the weight off for good?

You’ve probably tried everything to lose weight…but with temporary results. That’s because the only thing standing between you and your ideal weight is that you haven’t addressed ALL the reasons that have been blocking your success.

If you had the right information, motivation and skills wouldn’t you have the results you want already?

If you’re ready to know what’s getting in the way of your weight loss efforts and how you can overcome them this workshop is for you.


  • How to conquer emotional eating
  • Powerfully effective stress-busting techniques
  • How to lose FAT and boost your metabolism
  • The types of exercises to avoid if you are to lose weight
  • Stress-busting, energy- boosting nutrition and foods that hinder weight loss
  • How to deal with your cravings
  • How to reach your target weight and power your motivation to stay on track

Venue:  Portals Nous

Date: Tuesday 24 Jan

Time: 10 -5pm

Investment: 75€ (includes refreshments, lunch and workbook).

As places are limited to create a safe environment & to give time to each participant a deposit of 25€ is required to secure your place.

To start your weight loss journey email or call me now to book your place today.

For more information contact Barbara Grimwade on: +34 600 544 204


Barbara´s member profile

Live in Palma, Friday December 23

The LATE SHOW’S GOSPEL CHOIR generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform. Representing the very best in gospel entertainment! From New York City, this dynamic choir is comprised of twenty very talented choir members that can perform a cappella or with a pianist, or a band. Awesome voices and outstanding harmonies. They sing traditional and contemporary Gospel songs as well as select oldie-but goodie hits from the 1960’s & 70’s, popular Motown hits, reggae, and soul music!

Enjoy a pre-show 2 course supper at Forn de Sant Joan restaurant in Palma followed by the live concert at the beautiful Teatre Principal, Palma. Your ticket price includes a welcome glass of cava followed by a 2 course meal with a glass of wine and water, entrance to the concert plus a complimentary drink at The Jazz Voyeur Club after the show.


Grilled Bream, terrine of saffron potato and fishbone sauce
Lamb “a las 7 horas” au jus and smoked mashed potatoes


Strawberry Rhapsody – Strawberry soup, yoghurt ice cream and biscuit

Tickets priced at 65€ – LACE members 60€.
To book call 636 807 459 or email

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