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Workshop. Nov 8th, Portals

Ditch the Diet, Love Yourself, Honour Your Body Workshop

If you want to start building the foundation you need to really lose weight for good and develop a healthy relationship with food you’ll want to come to this.

That means get unstuck, clear out mindsets and behaviours that hold you back, and let go of overeating, emotional eating, stress, overload, and not enough time or energy for the things and people that you really value.

Ditch the Diet, Love Yourself, Honour Your Body is about using my unique formula to get to the cause of your overeating battles so that you can address them in a way that works FOR YOU and doesn’t leave you feeling deprived and like you are struggling.

I teach you how to develop strateges that help food lose its power over you. I show you how to really feed your cravings in ways that often have nothing to do with food. This is not a “class about eating,” it is about getting to the root of what you are really craving and learning to approach food (and life) in a way that really works for you.

If what I am offering is a fit for what you need, I’d love to have you participate.

Special Early Bird Investment

Book before midnight 25th October: 75€ (85€ after this date)

Includes: Workbook, lunch & refreshments

Spaces are limited to create a safe and personal environment.

See you there!


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