Womens communication network in Mallorca

To experience it is to come out into a different world with a stronger YOU!

What participants said of the last workshop…

Bettina (Austria) says:I never thought I could reach such emotional depth of love.  It opened my heart and all my senses. To share this intense experience with women from different cultures of the world provided me with a nest of safety. Thank you for sharing and teaching us the Inner World in the way you do!”

Ines (Spain) says: “The retreat was an incredible experience for me. I came back full of energy and with lots of ideas and plans to make my life coincide with what I feel as woman. I recommend the retreat to any woman who would like to know herself better, feel alive again and heal her soul and her body.”

Anita (Sweden) says: “It was life changing, a transforming experience. We are led through … evoking… identifying with various aspects of our own inner selves, as women.  It is all very loving and free, and there is no pressure. Very different from what I have experienced in other workshops. All the women who attended with me felt profound changes and breakthroughs to a better place in their lives.”

Tel: +34 659 415 579

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