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Kay Newton has a special coaching offer for LACE ladies

“Procrastination is the thief of time” Edward Young
What are you failing to do in your life and wasting precious time that can never be gained back?

A coaching/mentoring offer – 30 minute consultation for 25€
Only for Lace Ladies who seriously want to change something in their lives.
Places limited.

To receive updates of Kay´s workshops and coaching offers, please visit and “like” Facebook page: Kay Newton Coaching

Contact Kay at: · +34 617 483 462


Krista Hyer starts English-speaking Cancer Support Group

For many years scores of Mallorca’s foreign residents have had nowhere to turn for support and advice when they hear the dreaded words, “you have cancer”. Now a group of past and present cancer sufferers are trying to ensure that the disease no longer has to be suffered in silence.

Krista, a councellor, decided it was time for such a group to be set up after being approached by an English lady undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Palma’s Son Espaces.  There are so many questions that patients need answers to such as ‘what’s the best product available in Spain for the itchy scalp you get when your hair falls out?’

Sufferers can experience a whole range of emotions from anger and denial to intense loneliness and hopelessness when they are diagnosed. They may need information about eating well or the physical changes they are experiencing, or need advice for relationship problems they are suffering as a result of their condition, the Cancer Support Group will be ready to listen and help
as much as possible.

The Macmillan organisation in the uk have been wonderful and have offered support to start the self-help and provide training, information and advice. Brooke Quinteros, a Macmillan speech and language therapist for people with head and neck cancer, said “I could never adequately describe the benefits a support group gives to patients, carers and professionals alike,” she went on to explain that “a friendly, informal, supportive atmosphere really helps to boost confidence, provide insight and establish long-lasting friendships for all involved.”

Krista would like to hear from recovered and current cancer patients and needs to find someone who can print some leaflets to hand out in hospitals, clinics and Doctors Surgeries. Everyone can help simply by spreading the word about the group and accompanying sufferers who are a little shy or nervous about going to a new group where they know no-one.

To receive more information and ongoing updates, please visit and “like” Facebook page: Cancer Support Group Mallorca

Contact Krista at: or call +34 661 080 101


Audrey Page introduces SCIO technology

SCIO technology is a bio-feedback device that enables Health practitioners to analyse energetic imbalances in the body. It scans emotional, physical & spiritual imbalances.

It can pick up and treat many problems including: Food intolerances, Digestive & bowel problems, Allergies, Depression, Lack of motivation/concentration, Poor memory, Hormonal imbalances and aching joints.

Audrey is based in Bendinat and is offering sessions with this unique machine which allows rapid diagnosis and treatment for you, your children and your pets.

SCIO does not replace conventional medicine, but allows the body and mind the opportunity to heal from within by mimicking the collective effects of techniques such as Acupuncture Allergy therapy, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Herbs, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Medical, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Osteopathy.

For more information visit:

Contact Audrey at: · +34 626 555 909


Beverley Pugh announces three upcoming events

Over 50 years experience values Drs. Brian and AnnaMaria Clement who will be in Madrid on 28th June to give a talk on how the  living foods life style can be amazingly beneficial for people with cancer, diabetes and many other diseases. For more information and bookings go to:

29th May. A not to miss jam session with Stephen Francovitch. Sadly due to illness steve has maybe hours, days, or weeks left on planet earth. Venue,Pacha, Son Caliu at 8pm. 10€ entrance fee, all monies on the door will go to steve.

29th May 10.00 to 13.00hrs. Forget cooking, a raw food uncookery class. venue: at Bev´s raw organic kitchen, Puerto Portals. Find more info at:

Contact Beverley at: · +34 629 867 785


Photos by Samantha Hemsley Photography

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