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As an EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR LACE MEMBERS, Kip McGrath Education Centre  is offering Spanish Conversational Skills – Summer programme at just €12.50 per hour.

Based at Kip McGrath Education Centre Son Quint Golf with native Spanish teacher. Our Spanish language instruction for adults is launched in June 2011. This is an exciting addition to our programme of instruction and we are really looking forward to helping as many people as possible master the basics and essentials required to live on this beautiful island.

Our intended track is detailed below:-

The programme will run throughout the summer, our next course commences on Monday 27th June. We will deliver the 4 topic areas over two 6 week periods.

The programme will provide you with a fantastic learning experience that will enable you to speak Spanish in all areas of your daily life. A small focused group (Max 6) will ensure that all students will maximise the learning experience. You will not be fluent at the end of the 6 weeks but we guarantee that your life we be a whole lot easier.

Topic 1What do you say after you have said ‘Hola’
Topic 2 Everyday challenges
–     Shopping                           Post Office
–     Doctors                             Hospital
–     Getting something fixed, car, telephone etc
–     Police, Town Hall.
–     Giving & receiving directions
Topic 3 Coping with daily business
–     Suppliers – How to get what you want
–     Bank / Accountant
Other professionals
Topic 4 Social & fun-time
–     Meeting friends / Social gatherings
–     1:1 general conversation

Each 6 week period will cost 250€ with 20% discount given to LACE members

Monday & Wednesday mornings each week for 1 Hour & 20 minutes per session

  • Intermediate level at 9.30am
  • Beginners at 11am

For more information call 971 791 410 or email

Member profile: Julie Staley

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