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Julie is co-director of Kip McGrath Education centre.

She has worked in training and education for many years running her own training consultancy within the UK, before moving permanently to Mallorca, 2 years ago.

Julie wanted create a business on the island that made a difference to individuals. She believes that the energy and time that has been given to building the Kip franchise here on the island has been worth every second.

Julie set up the education centre eighteen months ago with her business partner Jay Hirons. Since then Julie and Jay have seen a rapid growth in the number of students seeking their help. Reasons include preparing for exam re-takes, support with homework and new arrivals to the island needing Spanish or Catalan tuition to help them integrate more smoothly. The centre specialises in maintaining a high standard of English for children who attend Spanish schools. The qualified tutors at Kip McGrath are on hand to provide constructive support throughout the school year.

The tuition they provide is based on the Kip McGrath system, originally started in Australia but now recognised worldwide. The tutoring programmes are designed to be enjoyable and to encourage a willingness to learn.

Each child is individually assessed in order to enable the tutors to tailor a programme specifically for them. During their time with the team there are regular assessments to track the child’s progress, identify any adaptations that are necessary for their learning needs and provide quality feedback for parents.

Jay & Julie believe that the best way to encourage students is to reward for effort and hard work, they run a Star Award scheme and regularly distribute achievement awards for good work and progress.

Julie is passionate about learning and believes that this coupled with excellent customer service and flexibility means that the Kip McGrath brand will grow from strength to strength.

Contact: +34 971 791 410 · +34 660 976 322 ·

Facebook: Kip McGrath Mallorca

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