Womens communication network in Mallorca

Sabine is a Foot reflexologist and an Energy healing practitioner.

She has been exploring the world of alternative medicine for over 20 years, and her background as a performing artist and coach helped her as well to better understand the dynamics between mind, body and soul.

In her experience as an Energy Practitioner, finding a balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels starts with SELF EMPOWERMENT.

For her, self Empowerment happens while exploring the relationships between mind and matter, thoughts and emotions. The key is to find how our thought patterns affect our bodies, whether it is on a conscious or subconscious level, and then to free our bodies from energetic blockages to make space for new perspectives on life.

Short term effect: Deep sense of relaxation and well being, and letting go of emotional burdens. It allows the body to heal and the mind to reset itself.

Long term effect: Profound changes in the way you think and deal with your daily life and problems. Space for creating what you desire and learn to become the active creator of your life.

My goal is to make people dare to think differently in the moment.

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