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What is The Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a subtle remedial therapy. The therapy works over the muscles, ligaments and tissue which uses precise rolling type moves. During the treatment there will be a series of short breaks between the moves, this is so the body can respond to the treatment. The breaks are an important part of the Bowen treatment as it helps the body relax, re-balance, relieves tension and pain.

What and Who does it treat?

The Bowen Technique aims to work the whole body. The areas it can treat are back, siatic pain, tennis elbow, RSI, neck and knee problems. It can assists with sport injuries, frozen shoulder and respiratory problems please see my website to see other areas that the Bowen Technique can help. The idea is that most symptons can be address and some clients use it to aid stress and other health issues. The Bowen Technique can also treat babies, children and the elderly.

The treatment would last around one hour depending on the client.

Who am I?

My name is Victoria Coombs, I am a fully qualified Bowen Practitioner – I trained in Bristol, England. I moved to the island 3 months ago to bring Bowen to Mallorca.

Contact:  +34 639 484 027 ·

Facebook page: Bowen Experience

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